• Commercial Ag

    Commercial Ag

    Gateway Building Systems, Inc. has worked with grain elevator operators and corporate organizations throughout the upper midwest offering in-house crews for steel, concrete & millwright construction.

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  • Farm


    Gateway Building Systems, Inc. has worked to help farmers customize their operations in the upper midwest - from planning & design to completed clean efficient on-farm sites.

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  • Buildings


    Gateway Building Systems, Inc. has provided building design and construction services to the upper midwest since 1961.

    Butler Dealer

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  • Cranes


    Gateway Building Systems, Inc. offers crane inspection, operator certifications, sig & rig training, crane rentals and sig & rig certification.

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Latest Projects

We are proud to serve the ND, MN and SD states with construction projects. We offer planning, design, steel, concrete and millwright construction services.
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Our clients include:

  • Sam's Club
  • KFGO
  • United Rentals
  • Rural Electrical Supply Coop
  • Maaco Auto Body
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